That’s Amore! Linda & Moreno Celebrate Their Marriage In Simple and Elegant Style

On April 7th, Romance etc. owners Deborah & Dawna Fay (my mom and my tía) hosted a longtime friend and her new husband’s wedding celebration at their Long Beach home. As with any Romance etc. design, the talent and imagination of Deborah & Dawna, as well as their acute attention to detail, shone on this special evening. (I’m not biased or anything! ;)) Scroll down for some eye candy photos…

I was the greeter at Linda & Moreno’s celebration–everyone thought my floral collar was to die for!
Simple and elegant decor imagined by Deborah (Owner, Principal Designer) featured lots of candlelight and white floral touches with hints of red and burgundy.

No detail was spared–even the fountains were filled with rose petals and floral sprays!

Gorgeous tulips and ranunculus graced the cake and dessert table.

Guests were invited to write a Wedding Wish for the couple. Linda is a huge fan of the written word and poetry.

I was a “very good dog” (my mom told me so), and I did a good job being a hostess. I offered free entertainment and petting privileges to all guests, and I didn’t bark at anyone! I think I’m ok with Mom and Tía throwing more parties in my backyard.



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