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Contessa’s Corner

Hi, I’m Contessa. Most people call me Tessa. I’m the shop dog at Romance Etc.

I was adopted by Deborah, one of the owners of Romance Etc. I had a hard and confusing first 3 years. I had a different family for that time. I saw them every day– and then one day I didn’t see them anymore. I went to a different place where it was cold and scary. Luckily, a nice lady decided I should come stay with her for a little bit. I got treated pretty well with her. She gave me hamburgers and long walks.

Now I am living a very different life…

My new mom adopted me in April 2016. My mom works a lot. But I know she loves me. She gives me hugs and kisses and she lets me sit on her lap while we take breaks at work. I have lots of “Moms” it seems. There’s Grandma Helen, Tia Dawna, and that other lady that takes me out for walks around the neighborhood. Sometimes she brings treats. I like her treats, but I’d rather be with my Mom!

It’s not so bad being the dog of a boss lady business owner. Except all the working. ALWAYS working. Even more lately. My first shop home has changed. It’s different. I think I like it. Follow my posts for some doggy tips, maybe some treat recipes (yum!), and to hear about Romance Etc. from my perspective!